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NWLA Notary Services offers notary services for six Louisiana Parishes: CADDO, BOSSIER, DESOTO, WEBSTER, BIENVILLE, and CLAIBORNE.
Disclaimer: NWLA Notary Services is not an attorney or law firm and does not provide legal advice. We provide Notary Services only. Contact an attorney for legal advice.

Louisiana  Wills 101
In Louisiana, there are two valid forms of last will and testament. One is referred to as an olographic testament and the other is a notarial testament. A will allows a testator to dispose of their property in accordance with the Louisiana laws.
Olographic Testament
The Olographic Testament is one that is entirely written, dated, and signed in the handwriting  of the testator. Although the date may appear anywhere in the testament, the testator must sign the testament at the end of the testament. If anything is written by the testator after his or her signature, the testament is not invalid as that portion of the testament may be considered by the court, in its discretion, as part of the testament. The date is sufficiently indicated if the day, month, and year are reasonably ascertainable from information in the testament, as clarified by extrinsic evidence, if necessary. Additions and deletions on the testament may be given effect only if made by the hand of the testator.
A Notarial Testament
A will is very important for many reasons. Any adult of sound mind is entitled to create a will. A will will allow you to designate someone to handle your affairs known as an executor or executrix. The will will allow you to direct how your real and personal property will be distributed. A will may also contain a provision for the guardianship of minor children.
A Notarial Testament is one prepared in writing, usually typed, where the testator confirms before a notary and two subscribing witnesses that the written document is indeed his or her testament. The Testator signs at the bottom of each page and at the end of the testament in the presence of two witnesses. In Louisiana, the notarial testament is required to contain the appropriate attestation clause mandated by the state.
What is needed to prepare my will
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State of Louisiana
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Our office will provide you with a questionnaire to fill out that will serve to provide important data concerning your estate. During the consult process, we will determine if we are able to create a valid will for you. If we determine that you would be better served by an attorney, then we will notify you in a timely manner.

Please Note: Wills obtained on the internet are usually NOT valid in Louisiana. The wills obtained on the internet generally do NOT contain the proper language as required by Louisiana law.

NWLA Notary Services is not an attorney or law firm and does NOT provide legal advice. We provide Notary Services only. Contact an attorney for legal advice.

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Witness Requirements
The witnesses to the notarial testament must also be competent witnesses. A person may not be a witness to a testament if he or she is insane, blind, deaf, illiterate, under the age of sixteen, a spouse of the testator, or unable to sign their name.